In-house Canton Manor Vaccinations

Coachwood Capital will be hosting in-house vaccinations for the residents and caregivers of Canton Manor, through partnership with Kroger Pharmacy.

This building is among one of the newest investments for the company. The residents and caregivers of Canton Manor will be receiving their first dose on March 26, 2021, and the second dose on April 16, 2021. These mobile clinics will only be made available to residents and staff of Canton Mantor, helping to maintain a safe living environment with additional help from Canton Police Community relations officer Esselink.

Members of the Canton Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) will also be assisting. The team will be ensuring the environment remains safe and sanitized during the vaccination process. The team will also help monitor patients after they have been vaccinated. In addition, Canton Township will be providing the vaccination site with additional PPE and sanitisers during and after the event.

“This is one step further towards curbing the spread of COVID-19… We still have a long way to go but it is a step in the right direction”


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Vanessa Cuevas

Vanessa Cuevas

Journalist for Coachwood Capital

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