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General F.A.Q.'s

These are a list of general most frequently asked questions from potential and current investors.


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The minimum investment may vary from fund to fund; however, the most common minimum investment is $25,000.

No. We do not accept registered funds at this time.

No, you do not have to be an accredited investor to invest with us. If you are a friend, family member, or close business associate to any of the employees at Coachwood Capital, you can invest with us. 

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While the fund is open, you can add additional funds. Once the fund is full or closes, you cannot add additional funds. You would have to wait for the next fund to open.

Yes, you can live in another province and invest with us. Additionally, if you are American, you can invest with us, but you would be investing into the U.S. LP and not the Canadian LP.

Distributions are paid directly into your account monthly according to the cashflow of the previous month.

A REIT is a publicly traded company holding a pool of assets and typically have higher fees. We are a private real estate investment company. Coachwood Capital investors invest directly into a single fund which owns only one property; therefore investors have direct ownership over one specific property and not a pool of assets, allowing investors to choose properties that fit their investment goals.

If Dan Crosby passes away then the fund will continue to be managed by employees of the management company.

Dan purchases all of the properties himself prior to raising capital. After raising capital, he keeps anywhere from 5% – 50% ownership.

Real estate investment fund F.A.Q.'s

Can’t find what you’re looking for? – Still have questions?

Each year, Coachwood Capital’s accounting team will provide all investors with the tax documents required for investors to file their income tax returns in a timely manner.

Distributions will be treated as a “return of capital” until each investor has received their initial investment back in its entirety. After the initial investment has been fully returned, distributions will retain the same character as dividends from an income tax perspective. 

At disposition, there will likely be a “capital gain”. All investors will then get a tax slip with their proportionate share of this “capital gain”.

The US LP will be depreciating the properties pursuant to US income tax rules, therefore investors will obtain the benefit of these deductions.

The investment term will depend on the fund. Typically, terms are 3 – 5 years.

Income is produced by rental income from the tenants and the sale or refinancing of the property after the maturity date.

Yes. Coachwood Capital offers a monthly distribution based on the performance of the fund. Historically this has been 5% – 7% annually.

Investment opens once a property has been acquired and requires a capital injection.

Yes, we own the real estate assets regardless of the external investment. This ensures all acquisitions and holdings are scrutinized and all due diligence has been completed by our qualified team of professionals.


Your investment is applied to the down payment of the properties. The rest of the property is funded by traditional financing through financial institutions.

All properties that we acquire have a maximum of 80/20 loan to value (LTV). This ensures your investment is safe and not over-leveraged.

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