Join our team

At Coachwood Capital we welcome independent/agency realtors, brokers, financial advisors and others alike to help us grow our business and benefit from our business model via commissions, while still maintaining outstanding ROI for our investors. 

Monetize Your Dormant Contacts

Our investment opportunities appeal to investors of all sizes, experience and budgets.

Earn Passive Income

Earn a percentage of your leads investment for every fund your lead invests into - truly passive income.

Utilize Our Team

Gain access to Coachwood Capital's experienced team to make closing effortless.


Earn Commissions

We offer 2-options to earn commissions.

Option A

100 %

Option B

9 %

Here's how it works

Option A

This approach is a DIY strategy, requiring time, effort and knowledge. We provide all necessary marketing materials and set you up for success.

Option B

This is a plug & play approach, rendering any earnings passive income. We establish contact and close - while you collect.

Let's work together.

Our Team

Coachwood Capital’s team is hand-picked from the industry’s top professionals. Our young staff brings a fresh new look to an outdated industry with innovate methods and agile strategy.

Dan Crosby


Dan has founded and scaled several multi-million dollar businesses. He holds one of the largest private real estate portfolios in the region.

Clark Wiebe


Clark is an insightful strategist who has a proven track record of scaling multi-million dollar businesses using innovative and creative methods.